I know what you’re probably thinking. Yes, that is indeed a very big picture of me. Website design isn’t really my thing. But luckily, copywriting is!


Having recently moved from London, I'm now based in sunny Eastbourne. Every day,  I sit at my kitchen table writing all kinds of employee communications for all kinds of organisations.


Why employee comms? Because I like the idea of helping people feel happier at work: new recruits finding their voice,  managers feeling less stressed, leaders learning to inspire.

Thinking about hiring a freelance copywriter for your employee comms? Then get in touch, and let's see if I'd be a good fit.

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What do you need?

Strategic copy

Get people on board

Vision & Values, Purpose, Employee Value Proposition...if you've got the research, I've got the words.

Tactical copy

Get  people talking

Manager guides, pension comms, scripts, microsites, training...if you need to engage people, I've got the ideas.

Supportive copy

Get people to believe

Case studies, award entries, interviews, articles, blogs...if you need it written, it's my kind of thing.


Clients past and present

I've been lucky enough to work for some great clients over the years.
From charities to plumbers, and from supermarkets to internal comms agencies.


Let's have a chat

Think I might be useful to you? Then please do get in touch.


And if I'm not quite the right person for your job, then get in touch anyway - I've got lots of copywriter friends who just might be!

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